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Welcome CatsFounder XCH faucet !
CatsFounder has helped many people to easily build CHIA ASSERT TOKEN online and improve the CHIA ecological scene through practical actions, such as launching XCH campaign, XCH exchange, and faucets. Our goal is to make chia ecologically prosperous and benefit every farmer who worked diligently in the tillage
How much XCH can I get ?
Reward amount is 100,000 mojos / 0.0000001 XCH per Claim and up to 300,000 mojos / 0. 0000003 XCH a day
What is the frequency of claims ?
1 claim per hour, a total of 3 claims in 24 hours per IP Address per Wallet Address
How long will I receive faucet rewards ?
Typically a few minutes, up to several hours, depending on the minimum fee required during a dust storm and the queue length
What is the minimum fee and how does the minimum fee affect my rewards ?
The minimum fee is derived from the average value of the recent transaction fee in the entire network. The purpose is to let more people get the rewards faster. Transaction fees are settled from 0 to 10000 mojos and will be added to your claim
How can I jointly create the chia ecosystem and donate to the faucet ?
if you want to help more people get XCH from the CatsFounder faucet, please donate to the following address: xch1jtvf8acfj7husyszruhewwl3mxxk77rgskrv8vs0aqydr9q738tspp2703
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